Captain Obvious – New band update

Well we’ve been extremely busy with this project, spent a lot of time rehearsing and I can definitely say that its all paying off.

We’ve done a handful of gigs now which have included small village pubs and quite large summer festivals and we’ve been able to hone our set pretty well. We’ve built up a lot of confidence with the songs that we are tackling (as we are trying to put out a few numbers that rarely get heard on the live covers circuits) and our last gig proved this as we had a full room all night and lots of compliments on our playing and song choice.

Unfortunately we seem to be ready to go at a point in the year when most venues are fully booked so most of the gigs that we’ve done or have lined up are as a result of other bands cancelling. Not to worry though as it’ll soon be time for venues to start looking at their bookings for next and I have been told that i’ll be getting a call from a fair few.


The Deltaphonics

Marcel P and the Deltaphonics



I just thought I’d share some snippets of a great live gig that I recorded for The Deltaphonics, a fantastically talented Cambridgeshire based band that I am working with at the moment.

The gig was recorded at The North Street Bar in Peterborough at the end of March this year.



I’m going to be producing their next album. We’ve already started one track which sounds really great – looking forward to getting some quality material recorded!

Here’s a clip of the track that we started recording….

I’m going to be helping the guys out on drums this Thursday (8th Aug) when they will be featured in Doc Masson’s show on Peterborough FM. We should be on at 7pm.


The Deltaphonics on Facebook
Peterborough FM